Efficiency and Environmental Advantages Of Geothermal

Safety and the environment is always a concern. In a waterless geothermal system, the process of circulating refrigerant through a buried copper loop is not only extremely efficient, it is also very safe, and approved by the EPA. Every geothermal system on the market today has refrigerant ( Freon ) in the system. The Waterless geothermal ground loop fluid is R-407C Refrigerant, and is a safe, non-toxic, non-flammable fluid.

“The use of refrigerant in copper pipes as a heat exchanger appears to have an inherit efficiency advantage over antifreeze solutions in plastic pipe, making them (waterless geo thermal) even more attractive from an energy-efficiency standpoint than traditional Geothermal Systems…there is no reason why it cannot be used with confidence in an underground heat exchanger of a DX system.”

– Stephen J. Offuit, EPA – July 10, 1997

Geothermal systems are an investment – but the advantages of a waterless geothermal system versus a traditional heating system can be great enough to qualify as monumental.

The proven efficiency of a waterless geothermal system can help you lower your carbon footprint and lessen your impact on the environment. In fact, the system is so beneficial for the environment, that the installation of a geothermal system is the equivalent of planting 350 trees.

Geothermal systems also are able to save you hundreds of dollars a year. Since the system is overall more energy efficient, you’ll pay less in annual operating costs and with an optional part, you can receive free hot water.

Advantages of a Geothermal System Include:

  • Free hot water from geothermal systems – Through utilizing the systems optional water exchange module, you can save hundreds of dollars a year
  • Environmental advantages – Reduce your carbon footprint – geothermal systems do not burn fossil rules or emit carbon dioxide
  • Cost savings – Our systems are energy efficient and proven effective – reduce your operation cost by 40 – 70% annually
  • Tax credits are available – You might be eligible to save up to 30% from a Federal Tax Credit

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Geothermal Environmental Advantages

Simply put, utilizing a geothermal heating & cooling system is an investment in the preservation of our environment for generations to come. The secret of  geothermal efficiency, is the systems ability to transfer the heat stored in the earth to the home. Simply moving the heat from one location to another.  In fact, 47 percent of the sun’s energy that reaches our planet is absorbed into the earth. That’s 500 times more energy than all of humanity would need in a year! And it’s an unlimited source of energy.


Installing a geothermal system in a typical home is the environmental equivalent of planting 350 trees—or taking two cars off the road. That’s because geothermal systems don’t burn fossil fuels, and they don’t emit carbon dioxide, which has been associated with the greenhouse effect and global warming.


The Geothermal Heat Pump Consortium says current geothermal systems save more than 14 million barrels of crude oil every year. The only energy needed to run water source geothermal systems is a small amount of electricity reducing the need for new coal-powered electric power plants. Result? Cleaner air and less acid rain. In the case of waterless advanced geothermal systems, electricity is not even required.


Loop Fluid – Environmental Impact

R-407C Refrigerant is a safe, non-toxic, non-flammable fluid. The EPA has approved the refrigerant and copper ground loop to be safe and non harmful to the earth.

You see R-407C refrigerant simply boils into a vaporized gas at -46°F. So the non-toxic, non-flammable refrigerant in a waterless geothermal would simply vaporize once it hits the 55° ground in the event of leak, which would pose no danger to the ground or the ground water. As a testament to its safety, consider your household refrigerator. For over 50 years and even today a household refrigerator is susceptible to springing a leak in the aluminum coil and refrigerant will leak in the freezer compartment where the food is stored. If the leak was a small leak, it could often take days or even months before a person would realize that the refrigerator was getting warmer and had a leak. Meanwhile even after the food is being exposed to the refrigerant, the food is still consumed without any harm done to anyone.


The fluid that circulates both inside the geothermal unit and throughout the copper ground loop is enviromentally friendly R-407C refrigerant (freon). The refrigerant in the ground loop is a key element to what makes a DX waterless geothermal so different from a conventional system.


Refrigerant has the ability to absorb and give off excessive amounts of heat from the ground, which is why ALL goethermal systems air conditioners use some type of a refrigerant in them. Circulating refrigerant throughout the copper ground loop eliminates the need for water in the system and eliminates the need for many components in the system. The refrigerant in the ground loop is what enables the system to absorb large amounts of heat from the ground.