Geothermal Cost Savings

With this advanced technology and efficient system design, a waterless ground-source direct geothermal system can make cutting your annual operating cost by 40-70% a reality.

Proven Efficiency
This advanced waterless geothermal direct exchange heating/cooling system’s efficiency has not only been tested by the Air Conditioning Heating & Refrigeration Institute (AHRI), but has been proven, with some of the lowest cost of operations in the industry, all on top of an exceptional comfort level. The waterless system is available in 2 ton through 6 ton capacities for any residential of commercial need.

Maximum System Comfort
During heating cycles, the Advanced Geothermal System delivers hotter air to the registers than an air source heat pump. Thus, the hotter air feels warm to the skin as compared to the usual cool feeling of conventional air source heat pumps. A Waterless Geothermal System consistently provides cool, dry air throughout the home during air conditioning. Since the heat exchange ground coil is buried underground, there is no unsightly or noisy exterior equipment, and there is no need for a costly defrost cycle. The Advanced Geothermal System delivers what you expect when investing in a ground source heat pump.

Easy Installation
The installation can be done quickly and easily through the use of a small drilling rig that can easily be maneuvered around in tight spaces. This allows the ground loops to be installed by digging only a small 3′ circle in the yard.

Turn your home into a money saving opportunity.

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