Geothermal Reviews

The customers at Buschur’s Refrigeration Inc. Heating & Air Conditioning are frequently satisfied with their purchase of a new geothermal system. Take a look below to read comments from a few of our customers. Give us a call today to see how we can help you.

“It’s been one year since we turned on our geothermal heat. We really are very happy with the heating and cooling, but you were WAY OFF with your estimated yearly operating cost of $472. Please be advised it was actually $302.28. Apparently Mark did an excellent job and we are very satisfied with this system. Incidentally, we keep our thermostat at 73 to 75 all winter. Our thanks for a job well done as we continue to brag about our system and the company that installed it.”

Dale and Irene Steiner – Wapakoneta, Ohio

“I talked to several people before we installed our geothermal system and Buschur’s Refrigeration always seemed to be the one recommended for quality and service. Our system is quiet and clean and your reputation precedes you.”

James Jay Stump – Ft. Recovery, Ohio

“The heating and cooling from our geothermal system is more comfortable than the other systems we’ve had (total electric and forced air). It seems that the geothermal distributes the temperature changes more evenly.”

Neal Heitkamp – Celina, Ohio

“It’s cheap and very efficient. The geothermal system is the best way to go and you guys do it the best.”

Jason Bruns – Maria Stein, Ohio

“Our geothermal system is much more comfortable in our home with the humidity and temperature controlled. Your reputation for doing good work rings true!”

Catherine Bruns – Ft. Recovery, Ohio

“My geothermal system is quiet and I love the new electronic filter and the obvious cost. I’ve researched different types of geothermal and the copper ground loops made the most sense.”

John Wooddell – Sidney, Ohio

“Our system is maintenance free… and it’s not an oil rig on the radio!”

William Grieshop – Yorkshire, Ohio

“Our system provides comfort all-over in the house. It’s evenly distributed with no cold spots. The technology you presented us with was very impressive. I wanted geothermal without the disturbance to my property and that’s what I got.”

William Sommer – Covington, Ohio

“Our system cools fast and your service was outstanding. You seem to know and have the latest technology.”

Theresa Lochtefeld – Ft. Recovery, Ohio

“Our system is cost effective and efficient. Your company is honest and reliable and you really care about your customers.”

Barry Peel Jr. – Rockford, Ohio

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