Selecting a Gas Furnace

If your searching for value you’ve come to the right place. So when the time comes to replace your existing furnace, or to install a totally new system, you want equipment that minimizes costs and delivers dependable home comfort for your family season after season.
Buschur’s Refrigeration has been a trusted name for many years. As the area’s leading Heating & Cooling contractor, you can feel confident that our knowlegeable sales staff will assist you to determine which energy efficient product is best for your home.
Every home is built different; while considering all of the unique building properties of your home we will perform a computerized heating & cooling load calculation for your home, which will ensure that you will receive the correct size equipment along with the highest efficiency and the best possible comfort level year round at the lowest possible cost of operation.
A “Manual J” heat load calculation will be done using information based on the construction of your home, insulation, window area, and other heating or cooling factors. Requirements will also be calculated for accurate sizing of the air distribution system for each room to assure constant temperature and humidity control and comfort. It’s a good practice to ask your contractor to explain the heat load & heat loss requirements for your house. This will indicate to you if the equipment is undersized, oversized, or properly sized.
Buschur’s Refigeration has been performing Manual J heat load calculations for the homes of west central Ohio since 1978. With history of installing the many different heating & cooling designs available on the market Buschur’s Refrigeration has become one of your most experienced heating & cooling contractors in the area. So let our experts walk you through which design is best for your house.
Things to consider when purchasing a new heating system…
Reputation is extermely important when deciding on a contractor for your heating & cooling needs. Ask other people in the community if they have had any experiences with your potential contractor. If so find out both the good and if there were any not so good experiences they may have had when comparing one contractor to another.
Contractor education is important. This doesn’t just mean the number of years in business. Technology is always improving and when it comes to service, education is the difference between paying for a second opinion or being able to trust the technician with the education and expertise you expect.
Assess the entire situation. Every home is different…specific calculations must be made for each installation. Calculations will be made accoring to the construction of your home, insulation, window area, and other heating or cooling factors. We will compute the exact needs of your installation in order to give you the maximum performance with the lowest possible operating cost.
Proper duct sizing is key component to the comfort level of your home. A great heating & cooling system can be very uncomfortable with improper ductwork sizing. Requirements will also be calculated for accurate sizing of the air distribution system for each toom to assure constant temperature and humidity control and comfort. Heat loss, heat gain, or cooling load will be weighed with accurate, tested measurements so that the right amount of air at the proper temperature and humidity level reaches all rooms.
Not Undersizing
Undersized equipment often leads to inadequate heat or cooling so severe that rooms are either too warm or too cold. Unit life may be shortened because the equipment is operating at mazimum capacity continuously. Undersized Geothermal systems require the use of a Back Up Heat system that eventually becomes the primary heat soure in colder conditions, which results in a much higher cost of operation than expected.
Not Oversizing
Oversized furnaces use more fuel, reduce home comfort and wear our faster than properly sized furnaces. Why, becuase they cycle too often – they’re constantly going on and off. This cycling increases stress on the heat exchanger and simply reduces the life of the other components because of the frequency of their operation while at the same time wasting gas. Cost of operation is high and frequent service bills are possible. It can also lead to inconsistent room temperature and humidity levels.
Accurate Sizing
A properly sized furnace is critical to system longevity and personal comfort. How do you size a furnace for a house? The proper way is by performing a series of calculations known as a Manual J load calculation to determine the size furnace a home needs. Comfortable temperature and humidity levels are constant, reducing operating and service costs, and increasing the life of the unit. Out perfomance guarantee assures you that your furnace will not be undersized. Other contractors rely on their years of experience in the business. This method is probably the most suspect and will usually result in an over sized gas furnace.
Adjusting your furnaces efficiency settings. Just because your furnace is reated at 95-98% efficient doesn’t mean its actually running at that efficiency. The design engineers must always analyze each furnace model during its installation in the laboratory before testing each can be done. The engineers will make multiple adjustments to the furnace settings prior to the official laboratory testing in order to achieve its mazimum efficiency, which is what’s adverstised to you. If your contractor doesn’t perform this same analysis of your heating and cooling system, your furnace is not necessarily operating at the efficiency advertised to you.
Although we service all brands, we are especially proud to be a Rheem Factory Authorized Dealer, which means we meet the industry’s most rigid training and service standards. When our customers call, they know they can rely our team of factory-trained technicians to respond quickly and respectfully to their heating and cooling needs – our 24-hour emergency service assures we’ll be there when you need us most!
That’s why Buschur’s Refrigeration has been recognized for over 35 years as the premier heating and cooing contractor in West Central Ohio for complete sales, service, and installation of heating, air conditioning, and indoor air quality products.