Duct Work Air Balancing

Improved Air Flow Means Better Efficiency and More Comfort!

Symptoms of an Un-Balanced Duct System
Do you have some rooms that are too warm or too cold? Does one floor of the house get much warmer or cooler than the other? Do some vents blow too much air and others not enough? And are some just too noisy? If so, having your air duct system professionally balanced might solve your problems, thus improving comfort and efficiency.

Testing and Inspection Services

HVAC System Leakage Test
We provide leakage testing of the HVAC system using Ductblaster equipment. Part of our testing procedure can include pressurizing the system and filling it with smoke to determine prcise locations of air leakage.
Building Envelope Leakage Testing
Leakage in the building envelope is determined using a Blower Door. Leaks at windows, doors, wall outlets, and recessed lights are located using a smoke pencil.
Room Pressure Balance Testing
A digital monometer is used to evaluate pressure differences within a house often caused by inadequate airflow from bedrooms back to the central return of the air conditioner. Large pressure differences can result in the back drafting of combustion appliances.
Air Flow and Balance Testing
Using a precision airflow hood, we can accurately determine if an air conditioning system is properly balanced between supply and return air flows and insure that adequte air flow is being provided to each room in the house.

It’s not uncommon to find a system 20% to 40% low on airflow. Lack of proper airflow drastically reduces the efficiency of your heating and air conditioning system. Poor airflow decreases system performance, raises utility bills, and reduces equipment life. When our trained technicians measure the airflow, they can determine the “true” system performance. They can then balance or repair the duct system for maximum efficiency and performance, resulting in a more comfortable, balanced home.

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