Services overview

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  • Service and Installation
    Service/Installation • 24-Hour Emergency Service • Reasonable Rates (419) 678-3821 Service Department Hours of Operation Monday-Wednesday: 8am-5pm Thursday: 8am-7pm Friday: 8am-5pm Saturday: 9am-2pm 24 Hour Emergency Service (419) 678-3821 Experience For over 30 years, Buschur’s Refrigeration has been the company of choice for West Central Ohio — it’s a name you can trust. We have...
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  • Energy Analysis / Indoor Air Testing
    Saving Energy: Weatherizing Your Home Don’t let those hard-earned energy dollars disappear into thin air – a small investment in weatherizing supplies can make a big difference in your utility bills. Infrared Thermal Imaging Home inspectors rely on their trained eye to detect many of the problems that typically exist in buildings. But even the...
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  • Duct Work Air Balancing
    Improved Air Flow Means Better Efficiency and More Comfort! Symptoms of an Un-Balanced Duct System Do you have some rooms that are too warm or too cold? Does one floor of the house get much warmer or cooler than the other? Do some vents blow too much air and others not enough? And are some...
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  • Geothermal System Design
    For geothermal heating, every home is different… specific calculations must be made for each installation. A “Manual J” heat load calculation will be figured according to the construction of your home, insulation, window area, and other heat or cooling factors. We will compute the exact needs of your installation in order to give you maximum...
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