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American Energy Systems Inc has always been the leader in innovative Biomass appliance technology. The Magnum Baby Countryside is the newest addition to a line of renewable Biomass fuel appliances that will be the solution to pollution in home heating. The unique combustion design enables the unit to perform under various fuel conditions and fuel loads without sacrificing the quality of the combustion process. The total DC capability of this unit (DC model) allows the customer to have extended burn times even if the power goes out. Typical products on the market only convert the AC to DC power which causes the product to draw way too much current, reducing battery life. The innovative tri-program control system allows the installer to set the system for the environment that it will operate in. This provides safety and comfort control for the customer. The attractive cabinet design, small footprint and versatility of operation make the Magnum Baby Countryside the consumer’s choice.

Efficient heating. Corn and other Biomass fuels are heating up homes around the world and the Magnum Baby Countryside is right there with a serious heating capacity up to 40,000 BTU (depending on fuel, board setting). More than enough heat to give you that cuddly warm feeling.

The Magnum Baby Countryside is not only generous on heating capacity but also will hold up to 50 lbs.* of fuel to keep you warm for hours. Extremely clean burning, Your Baby will give you a smile on your face every time the fuel bill rolls around.

Battery backup. The Magnum Baby Countryside Pellet Stove reflects years of marketing research and development, bringing you state-of-the-art technology. Unlike most pellet stoves which rely on 110v AC current, the Magnum Baby Countryside Pellet Stove incorporates an advanced electronic design that allows our stoves to run on a 12v battery, which is kept fully charged by an automatic built-in trickle charger. Battery backup available on the 12VDC models only.

Convenience. Simply fill the hopper, set the controls, and push the button. Within minutes, you and your family will be warm and cozy. You can still have the warmth and comfort of a natural wood fire and know all the while that you’re being environmentally responsible. Automatic ignition available on certain models.

FAQ for Baby Countryside

Was the Baby Countryside designed to run on Corn?
Many companies are trying to convert wood pellet stoves to burn corn or a corn, wood pellet mix. The Countryside Biomass stove was the first nationally certified biomass fuel burning stove. This design was incorporated into the Magnum Baby Countryside. This stove can burn corn, wood pellets or a combination of corn and wood pellets along with some other types of Biomass fuels such as cherry pits or olive pits. Don’t be misled by claims from other manufacturers that have not been I the industry long enough to have developed this technology.

Does the Baby Countryside have a self cleaning firepot?
The Magnum Baby Countryside incorporates the unique self-cleaning techniques provided by circular combustion. This gives the Magnum Baby Countryside extended burn times that leaves the competition, let’s just say they quit a long time ago. Tests have shown the Magnum Baby Countryside to be burning clean and strong 3-5 days after the competition has had to shut down and clean up. When the firepot needs cleaning, you simply use the special tool provided and flick the clinker into the ash pan and continue to burn. No mechanical gimmicks to get warped stuck or need a hammer to move.

How does the Baby Countryside vent?
The Magnum Baby Countryside Stove vents out of the building through side wall or a vertical termination. Exhaust piping needs to be an “L” vent listed pipe or corn approved venting.

Is the Baby Countryside hard to install?
No. However we recommend that a factory trained dealer install the stove so that proper installation, venting and code compliance is achieved. The Magnum Baby Countryside can be installed in about any location as long as side wall or vertical termination is available.

Can you burn “seed corn” in the Baby Countryside?
No. Seed corn is treated with chemical pesticides that are harmful or fatal if swallowed; therefore, seed corn is dangerous to have in the house, especially where children can reach it.

What kind of clearance does the stove need?
The Magnum Baby Countryside fits every application with 6 inches clearance on the sides and 1 inch in the back and corners.

How safe is the Stove?
The Magnum Baby Countryside Stove has many built in features to keep the stove safe. Features such as: Low and High temp auto shutdown, negative and positive pressure sensor so that smoke will not enter the home, hopper high-temp sensor to shut the unit down in case of burn back, door sensor that will shut the system down if someone leaves the door open. Diagnostics on the circuit board to let you know just what happened and why the unit shut down.

These are just a few of the many safety features built into your Magnum Baby Countryside to give you peace of mind.

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