CADDY - E.P.A. Wood or Combination Furnace (oil and/or electric) or Add-on Furnace

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The Cadillac of furnaces!

The Caddy furnace comes with the same dimensions and basic features as its cousin, the PSG 3000. But its highly advanced combustion technology sets it apart from all others. The Caddy is specifically designed to meet the highest combustion standards in North America today, those of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

As such, it is one of the cleanest and most efficient furnaces ever produced by PSG, with savings in heating wood of up to 30% and reductions in particles emissions reaching 90%. One look at the fire through the glass door of the Caddy and you'll see why!

A Unique heat exchanger system

The Caddy provides exceptional efficiency because of its unique heat exchanger system. The cylinder-shaped smoke ducts inside the furnace serve as its heat exchangers and ensure rapid heat transfer because of their ideal diameter and thickness.

Hot gases wind their way around the C-cast baffle in the combustion chamber and then into the exchangers above it before reaching the main smoke pipe.

The heat, which normally dissipates directly into the chimney, instead circulates inside the furnace.

The furnace's powerful fan then extracts and pushes all this heat into your heating ducts in uniform fashion throughout the house.

Carefree cleaning

Forget the complicated cleaning that requires you to disconnect and move your furnace! The Caddy has a fully accessible trap door right in front of the furnace, from where you can directly clean the heat exchangers and smoke pipe. All you have to do is brush the combustion residue into the combustion chamber and then collect it using the ash drawer.

EPA Add-on wood furnace

If you already have a forced air central heating system that uses oil, gas, or electricity and you want the flexibility of using wood with it, the PSG EPA Add-on Caddy furnace is the ideal choice. This unit, which can be installed on the left or right side of your existing system, shares the existing furnace?s controls and fan, giving you a fully harmonized wood/oil, wood/gas, or wood/electric combination system.

Type of fuel Wood
Maximum input capacity 140,000 BTU (41 kW)
Maximum output capacity 106,400 BTU (31,2 kW)
Average output capacity 69,160 BTU (20,3 kW)
Maximum output - EPA test wood 52,000 BTU (15,2 kW)
Blower 1/3 HP 4 speed Direct drive, 1300 cfm
Loading capacity Up to 55 lbs (25 kg)
Efficiency 76% (LHV)
71 % (HHV)
Color Green
Exterior dimensions Furnace:
Flue spigot diameter 6"
Recommended exhaust pipe diameter 6"
Type of chimney 2100°F (1150°C)
Recommended chimney diameter 6"
Firebox dimensions 17"W x 22,5"D x 16"H
Maximum log length 22"
Door opening dimensions 13,75"W x 10"H
Type of door Glass with cast iron frame
Hot air plenum dimensions 24,562"W x 28,75"D
Cold air plenum dimensions 24,5"W x 15,75"D
Ash drawer dimensions 12"W x 16"D x 3"H
Number of filters 2
Filters dimensions 12"W x 24"D x 1"H
Minimum clearances (Front) 48"
Minimum clearances (Back) 24" for servicing
Minimum clearances (Sides) 24" for servicing
Minimum clearances (Ducts) 6" for the first six feet and 1" thereafter
Recommended clearance (blower maintenance) 24"
Weight 510 lbs (231 kg)
Warranty Limited lifetime warranty
Test standard - safety Can CSA B366.1-M91, CSAB212-93, UL391 3e, Ed. rev. 1999
Test standard - emissions E.P.A.
Electric element (optional)
Recommended element 18 kW
Maximum output - Other optional elements 15 kW, 20 kW, 25 kW
Element location Left
Recommended clearance (Maintenance) 24"


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