Class A Triple Wall Stainless Steel Chimney

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AmeriTec Chimneys are built to last with a system combining corrosion resistant stainless steel and sturdy galvanized steel.

The AmeriTec Chimney systems provide:
- Small outer diameters 
- Light weight, sturdy 
- Snap-Lock design 

AmeriTec Chimneys are designed to be installed as complete systems and are suitable for use on the following:

Residential Type Appliances: Ranges, warn air furnaces, water heaters, hot water heating boilers, 15 psig or less steam boilers, floor furnaces, room heaters and fireplace stoves

Building Heating Appliances: Non-residential type building heating appliances, steam boilers operating at not exceeding 1000° F. flue gas temperature

- Pipe Size: 6" Model HSS
- Inner Wall: .015" Stainless Steel 
- Intermediate Wall: .1/2" ceramic fiber blanket within a 
  Stainless Steel sleeve
- Outer Wall: .018" Galvanized Steel

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