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The Elegance® 40 Wood Fireplace offers a firebox where the back wall is narrower than the front. It allows for a better transfer of radiant heat into the room compared the ‘square shaped’ fireboxes. Featuring Soapstone for the optimal heat management as it absorbs 15% more heat than firebrick and radiates heat 5 times more than firebrick. Enjoy the patented air control for the most advanced combustion technology there is on the Market!

EPA certified at 1.47g/hr with an automatic variable air control system, non-catalytic!
Increased efficiency is achieved with the standard 130-cfm variable speed, heat-activated fan, included with each Elegance 40 Fireplace. Moreover, clean line design, the soapstone inside, the warranty and the best air control of industry certainly make of the Elegance Fireplaces the best there is!

Choose Your Style


Coming Soon! ~ Optional Decorative Fronts

  • Old World Front
  • Modern Front
  • Craftsmen Front
  • Blacksmith Front

Powder Coats

Textured Black .............. English Pewter............... Forged Iron ................... Coppersmith.................

Burnished Copper......... Burnished Bronze.......... American Mahogany...... Honey Maple

Optional Heat Management Equipment

  • Variable Speed Convection Fan

A 130-cfm blower
Heat activated – so it will only convect warm air.
Variable speed – allowing you to run it slower or faster.
This convection fan will move heat further out in the room where the fireplace sits.

  • Hot Air Gravity Kit

This kit works without electricity. Hot air will rise naturally and disperse the heat to either the same room where the fireplace is or to another room nearby.

  • Forced Air Kit

This kit forces heat to travel to another room, further away from the fireplace. It requires electricity to work. This powerful fan can even push heat down to a basement. This is the most efficient way to use the heat generated by your fireplace. It comes with a manual variable speed control knob.

Technical Specifications

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