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A compact home deserves a quality compact furnace.The PSG MINI-CADDY WOOD FURNACE is the ideal furnace for a smaller home or cottage. This furnace comes in a wood or wood/electric heat source options. With its clean look, you will be proud to display this furnace in your home.

Don't let its small size fool you, the PSG MINI-CADDY WOOD FURNACE is packed with tech and power. This unit can heat a space up to 1,500 sq. ft. It also has integrated technologies to optimize fuel efficiency.


  • Fuel efficient, saving up to 30% of fuel
  • 1,500 sq. ft. heating area
  • LCD touch display for control


Fuel type Dry cordwood
Recommended heating area (sq.ft.) () 500 - 1,500
Overall firebox volume 2.3
Maximum burn time () 13 h
Maximum input capacity (dry cordwood) 198,000 BTU
Overall heat output rate (min. to max.) 11,319 BTU/h (3.3 kW) to 37,053 BTU/h (10.8 kW)
Average overall efficiency (min. to max.) 75.70% (HHV) 81.10% (LHV)
Delivered heat output rate (min. to max.) 10,849 BTU/h (3.2 kW) to 36,429 BTU/h (10.7 kW)
Average delivered efficiency (min. to max.) 70.60% (HHV) 77.20% (LHV)
Optimum efficiency 85.10%
Average particulate emissions rate 0.841 lb/mmBTU (0.362 g/MJ)
Average CO 15.61 lb/mmBTU (6.72 g/MJ)
Average electrical power consumption 760 W

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