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Single Zone Ductless Mini-Splits

Our "S" Series of ductless mini-splits, rated at 13 SEER, is ideal for locations where it's too expensive or impractical to install ductwork to add air conditioning...or where a window air conditioning unit can't be used.

The indoor unit of the "S" Series includes a Temperature Compensation feature that automatically adjusts to eliminate temperature stratification between ceiling and floor temperatures.

These cost-competitive systems are ideal for bedrooms, sunrooms, offices, arena skyboxes, historical properties, warehouse offices and more. A hole approximately 3-inches in diameter is all that's needed to connect the indoor and outdoor units.

The single zone "S" Series comes in cooling only and heat pump models, from 9,000 to 24,000 BTUH.


Whisper Quiet—High tech fan in the indoor unit delivers balanced air flow

Temperature Compensation—Indoor unit adjusts automatically as needed to eliminate stratification between ceiling and floor temperatures

Random Swing—Continually adjusts air direction for a gentle, breeze-like effect

Multiple Modes—Cooling, dehumidification only, air circulation (heating in heat pump models) plus: Sleep mode, 24-hour timer and turbo mode

Auto Operation—Automatically adjusts to maintain a constant temperature/humidity level

Air Filtration—An air filter helps trap dust, pollen and other particles in the air; this permanent filter is designed to be washed on a regular basis and re-installed

Auto Restart—Reverts to the last setting following a power failure

Low Ambient Operation—Crankcase heater allow operation at 5°F (cooling)

Defrost—On heat pump models


Line sets must be ordered separately.





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