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Vent Free Gas Inserts - Inserts are complete units that fit into existing fireplaces. No chimney systems are required and this product can be used almost anywhere in your home (except in bathroom, bedroom, spa room, mobile home, or recreational vehicle), but provisions for adequate combustion and ventilation must be provided (room size and btu's of appliance are the deciding factors of what btu size can be used for a particular installation). The appliance uses room air for combustion and exhausts to the room.

These appliances are 99.9% efficient and the vent-free burner systems have an ODS pilot system, which ensures that the burner systems will shut down if oxygen in the room falls below acceptable limits.


• Millivolt valve system allows operation during power failure with Hi/low heat and flame adjustment

• An ODS sensor that constantly monitors the room air and provides 100% gas shut off if oxygen is reduced below acceptable levels

• Matchless Piezo Ignition

• All controls in Lower Access Panel

• Decorative Ash Bed

• Pull Screen

• On/off Rocker switch

• Fan Kit – Heat activated blower with variable speed control


Log Sets – Fibre logs 18” or 24”

Grills – Grills available in Black, Classic Series Black with Antique, Chrome, or Polish Brass accents

Door Trims – Antique, Chrome and Polish Brass

Brick Refractory Liner – 3 piece

Surrounds Black (3 piece) – with the following choice of trims: Antique, Chrome, Polish Brass or Black

Surround – Soft Arch Black (Top Piece only) (shown on front cover)

Thermostat – Wall Mount Millivolt Thermostat or Programmable Thermostat

Remote Control – On/Off, Thermostat or Hi/Lo On/Off

IVF36 Brochure

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